Real-estate Business

We are a company specializing in real estate in Kyoto.Since Tosei co,.Ltd’s establishment as a real estate agency in Kyoto, we have achieved a large number of transactions for overseas clients.

Many of our customer investors would purchase Kyoto traditional houses, design, renovate and then operate it as a guest-house or hotel. We provide one-stop services for such investors, including real estate agents, design and construction consulting, as well as the production, operation and management of their properties.

Since our inception, we have introduced and operated the guesthouse brand 「華Hana」. The meticulous and sincere service is highly appraised by the vast number of customers. Hana is gradually recognized by people all over the world who visited Kyoto.

Real estate sales intermediary, design and construction consulting, accommodation facilities construction, operation management and other one-stop services

Our strength: Achieving the 「four virtuous circles」

① Applying the accumulated experience in the hotel and guesthouse business to the real estate investment, design and reconstruction flexibly.

As mentioned, we strive to provide a consistent one-stop service, we managed to build a virtuous circle by taking advantage of our accumulated expertise in hotel and guesthouse manufacturing, properties management, and real estate purchasing, selling, design and construction intermediary businesses.

We hold face to face conference to consult with our customers, compare expected revenue, recommend the most cost-effective real estate properties for our clients. Furthermore, we have the according designing and construction consulting services.

As a real estate agency, we carry out design, construction and operation management at the same time, so we do not provide any advice that is inconsistent without factual backup. We endeavor to explain clearly to our customer of things that should be considered when purchasing, and we carefully explain the background and reasons to constitute a convincing proposal.


② A niche market of whole house lease that aviod the severely saturated hotel market.

We target high-end detached houses ranging from 80 million to 150 million JPY in terms of total investment. To avoid the red-sea of hotel industry, we promote the distinct Kyomachiya experience which you could enjoy with a large group of family/friends.

As an example of six guests, our accommodation charge would range from 60,000 to 100,000 JPY per night which suggests an average cost from 10,000 to 15,000 JPY per person. From the perspective of customers, for price close to a business hotel. We grants a better and more exquisite cultural accommodating experience. This directly leads to a higher satisfaction rate and positive reviews to therefore set the foundation of a virtuous business circle.


③ The high-end Machiya Hotel that meets both the investment and accommodation needs of investors.

In Kyoto, besides the investment in hotel properties, there are also various investment demands such as high-end villas with courtyards. Investment varies slightly from 100 million to 500 million JPY. For clients who do not live in Kyoto, it is often used as a second home for trips to Kyoto each year. In addition, many people are attracted to permanent ownership. Since real-estate prices in Kyoto are about a third to a quarter cheaper than those in China’s big coastal cities and Hong Kong which is also attracting investments.

In this case, regular maintenance of the house, management of room facilities and furniture would be a necessity. Also, when our customers come for staying, in order to have the provide the best living experience, butler service is essential.

It is also a virtuous circle built on our expertise in the accommodation business.

④ High satisfaction of existing customers achieving better publicity

Chinese clients are in the habit of inviting friends to stay in luxury houses they own. Invited friends are once attracted by the design and experience of the stay, it it common for them to make make the decision of investing in real estate in Kyoto.

To maintain the consistency of the four virtuous cycles mentioned above, we focus on Kyomachiya houses and high-end residential property investment in Kyoto, and we aim to keep using all resources to strive for excellence in the future.