Real-estate Business
House Management


※Real-estate Business Key Concept

In Kyoto, besides the investment in hotels and guesthouses, there are also various investment demands such as private high-end villas with courtyards. Investment requirement varies from Y100m to Y500m. For clients who do not live in Kyoto, it is often used as a second home for several trips to the city each year. In addition, many people are attracted to perpetual ownership. At the same time, prices that are about a third to a quarter cheaper than those in China’s big coastal cities and Hong Kong are also very attractive.

In this case, regular maintenance of the house, regular management of room facilities and furniture, and butler services are essential to the comfort of the landlord and family when they come to stay.

Our butler services aim to reduce the pressure from distinctions of lifestyles and language barriers to make your precious time more meaningful.

Service Content

Utilizing the experience and system we have established from guesthouse management, targeting the properties that were dealt through us. Tosei provide the following paid services. Please contact us for details if needed.

(1) After Purchase

◉ Design and construction consulting and arrangements

◉ Furniture, interior, electronics planning and arrangements

◉ Water, electricity, gas, internet set up

◉ Insurance contract

(2) Basic Service

◉ Building management, maintenance 

◉ Courtyard constructing, maintenance

(3) While Staying

We make sure the properties is in its best status when the owner, family and friends visit.

Like how we treat every group of guest, we do not only clean the room thoroughly, but also adjust details such as lighting, temperature and fresh flower arrangements. 

In addition, If you are traveling with elderly people or children, please contact us if anything special is needed.

(4) Reception Services

① Reservation Services

◉ Pick-up service from the airport

◉ Restaurant reservation 

◉ Tour sites and sightseeing route ticket preparation

② Indoor Services 

◉ Basic services: cleaning, replacement of towels and sheets, replenishment of consumables such as toiletries

◉ Other experiences: Tea ceremony, Ikebana(flower arrangement), door to door cooking service, Kabuki, renting Taxi for sightseeing, etc.

To leave you with the best Kyoto traveling memory, we prioritize all your demands.