Design and Refurbishment Business
Service Content

The design and refurbishment department of the company is mainly responsible for the business between the owner, the design company, construction company, and carries out relevant work on behalf of the owner. The specific business contents are lished as follows.

Before the Contract

We select the most suitable design company according to the owner’s requirements. If necessary, we will also provide advice on room layout, equipment, building materials, etc.

Demonstrate the plan to the owner after collecting the design plan from the design company. At the same time, provide the owner’s feedback to the design company.


Contract Starts

 After the designing scheme is determined, we sign a contract with the design company. The intermediary contract between us, the design company and construction company would also be conducted. We will also be responsible for contract translation and related instructions.

Starting by drafting the designing proposals, and commission the design company to evaluate a number of suitable construction companies. During this period, the design company and us target the selected construction companies, considering the construction specifications for discussion, and then by the construction company to put forward a quotation. We would evaluate the quotation and provide the translated contents to the owner with explanations.

In case of budget overruns, we recommend reducing costs, communicating with construction companies to select qualified construction companies. In the selection, we will make a comprehensive assessment of the budget, company size, company performance, duration, work enthusiasm and so on.

In addition to the monthly periodic report (with photos), we will also report on the state of the building and the construction details of each major node.


Project Completion


At the end of the construction period, we will be the agency to finish delivery, inspect the defects, point out to the construction company and request corrections. After that, we will carry out a final inspection and report it to the owner.

Please contact us for fees and detailed information.