Design and Refurbishment

We act as the connecting bridge between our oversea clients and Japanese constructing companies in our design and refurbishment business. Being the agency, we could efficiently eliminate the communication hindrance caused by language barriers. Moreover, our business relations with the best designers assure property owners the best outcome.

Confirming status of the designing plan

Things we could accomplish

  • From the outcomes of participating multiple designs and constructions, we have established a strong partnership with many design firms, constructing companies and renovation company. According to your budget, preferences, atmosphere and other factors, we try our best to meet your requirements and strive for the optimal refurbishment plan.
  • We will provide advice and support from the construction stage based on our accumulated expertise in the management of accommodation facilities
  • Since the construction phase, we have actively maintained relations with the local population.
  • In terms of payment, we will provide support and advice to ensure smooth and fair transaction.

Communicating with construction company at site

To Overseas Property Owners

Please feel free to contact us if you have any communication difficulties with Japanese design and construction companies, in situations if you do not live in Kyoto, or if you would like to manage the overall design, building and accommodation facilities all together at once.

To seller, design company and construction company

If you need assistance in dealing with overseas clients, asset management in post-sale real estate, or support in the design and construction of accommodation facilities, please contact us.