Consulting Business
Service Content

We provide the following services.

①Chinese Companies (Or individuals) Oriented 

Japanese real-estate, business, brand, technology’s acquisition and investing consulting.

Please contact for further details.


②Kyoto Local Companies Oriented

・Marketing towards Chinese market, attracting customers to consult

・Dealing with Chinese customers’ consulting related businesses 

 Examples are shown as follows,

  • Website homepage’s design, construction
  • WeChat corporate account
  • WeChat pay application
  • Photo, video shooting
  • Menu designing(Chinese Translation)
  • Chinese documents translation
  • Making manuals and instruction books
  • Reception support for Chinese and Japanese visiting clients


③Chinese Companies (Individuals) oriented

Establishing a company in Japan and operating-related consulting

Examples are shown as follows,

  • Company establishment agent
  • Office establishment agent
  • Employee Visa application
  • Supporting business operations
  • Expanding market
  • Recruiting and training

Detailed information and suggestions shall be decided after discussing the general conditions of each firm.