Consulting Business

Since Tosei’s establishment, we have continuously consolidated the operation and management foundation of real estate business, design and construction business and accommodation business. Then, while accumulating various achievements, we marched toward the consulting business. In addition to real estate agency, design and construction agency services, we also provide residential management, company set-up, business model building, market development and business partner development consulting services.


To clients considering investment immigration to Japan

Tosei has so far provided consulting services to clients in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Most of them faced difficulties in communication due to language barriers, differences in business habits and labor shortages, etc.

Especially in the following situations:

  • Companies facing subsequent management difficulties after the establishment due to the lack of business plan.
  • Paying too much attention to the outer part, renting luxurious office building, using high-grade car, having redundant personnel, having a overhead higher than average level, causing a large deficit every month.

Like the mentioned problems, companies without a clear target customer segment, guiding ideology, and management strategy always find themselves facing trust issues cooperating with Japanese banks and companies. Then falls into a negative cycle.

But overcoming such crises requires a great deal of energy and money. Please contact us for further consulting if necessary.


Business Expansion Support in Japan

It could be extremely difficult to change the business direction after purchasing real-estate or building the hotel. Therefore, please contact us in advance before buying or constructing.

Our consulting services will assist you to identify the target customers, business concepts, develop strategies and suitable policies. Then make recommendations accordingly.

We have established a strong partnership with administrative, judicial, lawyers, tax accountants, consultants, architects, construction companies, etc. We will work with a team of experts to support your business development in Japan. Starting from the establishment of the company, office opening, employment, market development, staff training, etc.


To companies in Kyoto and the entire Japan

We hope to be able to help companies in Kyoto and Japan with the expertise and results we have accumulated.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any problem in handling inquiries from China, understanding customer acceptance, developing market, etc.

In addition, we could assist you to visit China, business travel and business negotiations.

Japan has outstanding expertise, technology and brand strength, while China has market size and financial strength. We believe that when you match the two, synergy shall be created.

We sincerely wish Japan and China could develop further.