Operating Principles

Connecting Kyoto and the rest of the world, Japan and the rest of the world through business model.
Establishing and maintaining a win-win relationships with all stakeholders,
Achieving the development of the enterprise by training employees to create lasting value.

Future Vision

Combine “real estate, accommodation, tourism, business consulting” four businesses,
aiming to reach the scale of 10 billion Japanese yen.

General Principles


◉To Customers/ Customer is always our priority

“Customer first” principle means that we stand in our customer’s position to consider problems, satisfy customer’s needs as quickly as possible.

◉To Partners/ Win-win Relationship

We strive to construct and maintain a healthy, equal, fair win-win relationship. 

◉To Regional Development/Keeping a healthy relationship

Earnestly carry out business activities and strive to form a good reputation of “the pride of the region” in the local area.

◉To Colleagues/ Cooperation & Competition

Strive to form and maintain a good relationship of mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual improvement, and work together with Tosei to create a dynamic working environment.

◉To Ourselves/ Self discipline & responsibility

Establish a strong sense of self-discipline and the pursuit of self-motivation, cultivate our spirit of challenging. Aiming to achieve material and spiritual goals through the promotion of growth and development in work.