Our Precautions regarding the Corona Virus


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional support.

Hana Guesthouse (Operating: Tosei Co., Ltd.) considers the health and safety of customers and employees first as a countermeasure against new coronavirus infections, and makes the following efforts so that customers could have a ensured safe stay. May 1, 2020

(1) Guest house-related initiatives

(1) Simplification of check-in procedures

We will check in at the facility where you are staying. We will respond by changing the explanation and facility guidance of 30-60 minutes to a minimum of 10-15 minutes.

In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health, our customer service staff will respond as follows:

(1) Body temperature check before going to work (not exceeding 37.3 degrees Celsius)
(2) Wearing a mask
(3) Wearing a face guard
(4) Wearing gloves

We measure body temperature using a non-contact thermometer for all guests, check their health status, and name, address, and body temperature in the check-in materials.

For guests exceeding 37.3 degrees Celsius, we would have to decline the stay.

The accommodation fee will be refunded in full.

(2) Minimize contact during your stay

In the case of consecutive nights (more than 3 nights), we have recommended intermediate cleaning, but for the time being, we will refrain from cleaning in order to avoid unneeded contact.

Towels and necessary amenities will be provided up to 3 nights at check-in. If you are staying for more than 3 consecutive nights, towels refill will deliver by our staff on the third day if it is needed.

(3) Thorough cleaning after check-out (ventilation, disinfection, sterilization)

After the customer has checked out, we will take more time than usual to clean every detail, disinfect the room by wiping and cleaning with alcohol, take extra steps to grant a better air ventilation.

(4) In addition, alcohol disinfectants are provided in all facilities

We have added disinfectants to each property to create an environment where customers could enjoy a safer stay.

(5) Strengthening of periodic disinfection

We thoroughly disinfect tables, doorknobs, doors, hand singing, and other areas where customers have many opportunities to touch.

(2) Initiatives within the Company

(1) Wearing a mask at the time of going out and leaving the office

We use masks when leaving the office.

(2) Thorough physical condition check, setting additional alcohol disinfectant.

We check body temperature, disinfect body parts that are more likely to be engaged with contact such as hands and fingers.

Employees who have a fever of 37 degrees or higher or people who are not in good physical condition are on vacation before they fully recover. After the recovery, the observation period would last for at least two weeks before they could be engaged with any other employees or evolve in the customer service.

(3) Reduction unnecessary contact ・ and meetings

In addition to prohibiting employees from traveling on unnecessary and urgent business trips, we also inform them to refrain from traveling abroad, meetings and events where an unspecified number of people gather, as well as attendance at dinners and meetings on a working basis.

(4) Implementation of a stagger working schedule

We work to prevent infection by commuting to avoid rush hours.

Note that the above may be updated in accordance with the policies of the Japanese government and related organizations in the future. In that case, We would update accordingly.

We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

May 1, 2020

Tosei Corporation

Department of General Affairs

Notification of Guesthouse Hana’s Website Update

In order for our clients to have a better holistic view of what we offer and staying experience, we had completed an update on Guesthouse Hana’s official website.

Contents are as listed.

(1)Multi-language Function

Basing on Japanese, we have updated contents in English, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional) to satisfy the needs of clients from various nations.

We promise to offer the most sincere service to people who loves Kyoto all around the world.

(2)Our Operating Principles and Service Principles

We further demonstrated our understanding regarding Kyoto, traveling and service that we are proud of.

By the content of this site, you could gain a deeper, comprehensive understanding about Tosei, and Guesthouse Hana.

(3)Implementation of online reservation and payment functions.

From this website, you could directly reserve the accommodation of your preference and pay online with a credit card.

(4)Various Kyoto cultural experiencing activities

Starting from Kimono, we cooperate with professors studying Kyoto culture. Started multiple activities including tea ceremony,  Ikebana(flower ceremony), cuisine courses, etc. Simultaneously, we organize small relaxing events such as morning jog, children activities etc.

We wish all the fun activities could become part of your precious Kyoto traveling memory. To accomplish this goal, all our staff will serve you with our best sincerity.

(5)Releasing the latest information in a timely manner

The platform will as well be used to release new published guesthouses, activities notifications, and Kyoto traveling news.

(6)Connecting to most main stream social media

We have registered multiple social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Weibo, etc. Aiming to maintain a close tie with all our clients in the most approachable way.

Although we are still a start-up company, we are dedicated. We believe that with our continuous effort, we will be better and better in terms of providing the best service.

Please kindly provide us with any suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

Accommodation | GoTo Travel Campaign Instructions

From September 23, 2020, “Go To Travel” discounts will apply to accommodation bookings via the company’s official website.
(Japanese nationality, long-term sojourners in Japan)

In this case, in addition to making an appointment, you need to apply for a discount on STAYNAVI’s official website https://staynavi.direct(Third party website).

Regarding the process of applying, (hana-guesthouse.jp) has the specific instructions.

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The application is fairly easy.

Please use this as an opportunity to experience our Kyoto Kyomachiya whole house lease.