In order for our clients to have a better holistic view of what we offer and staying experience, we had completed an update on Guesthouse Hana’s official website.

Contents are as listed.

(1)Multi-language Function

Basing on Japanese, we have updated contents in English, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional) to satisfy the needs of clients from various nations.

We promise to offer the most sincere service to people who loves Kyoto all around the world.

(2)Our Operating Principles and Service Principles

We further demonstrated our understanding regarding Kyoto, traveling and service that we are proud of.

By the content of this site, you could gain a deeper, comprehensive understanding about Tosei, and Guesthouse Hana.

(3)Implementation of online reservation and payment functions.

From this website, you could directly reserve the accommodation of your preference and pay online with a credit card.

(4)Various Kyoto cultural experiencing activities

Starting from Kimono, we cooperate with professors studying Kyoto culture. Started multiple activities including tea ceremony,  Ikebana(flower ceremony), cuisine courses, etc. Simultaneously, we organize small relaxing events such as morning jog, children activities etc.

We wish all the fun activities could become part of your precious Kyoto traveling memory. To accomplish this goal, all our staff will serve you with our best sincerity.

(5)Releasing the latest information in a timely manner

The platform will as well be used to release new published guesthouses, activities notifications, and Kyoto traveling news.

(6)Connecting to most main stream social media

We have registered multiple social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, Weibo, etc. Aiming to maintain a close tie with all our clients in the most approachable way.

Although we are still a start-up company, we are dedicated. We believe that with our continuous effort, we will be better and better in terms of providing the best service.

Please kindly provide us with any suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

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